Hoping to Land Another Big One: First GE, Now Amazon

Posted by Tim Brennan on Nov 13, 2017 2:25:04 PM
Tim Brennan

On October 20th, Massachusetts submitted a 182-page proposal to Amazon in hopes that Amazon will choose one of 26 potential sites in Massachusetts as the home of its second headquarters. It has been estimated that this second Amazon headquarters would generate five billion dollars in investment and add an additional 50,000 jobs. If Massachusetts is chosen, the positive impact to infrastructure and job growth would echo the January 2016 move of GE’s Headquarters to Boston from Connecticut, which resulted in up to 120 million dollars in infrastructure improvement and included 25 million dollars in local tax breaks.

There were a variety of potential locations pitched to Amazon which included the South Boston waterfront, downtown Worcester and Patriot Place in Foxborough. The bid highlighted the 125 colleges and universities in Massachusetts and its highly-educated workforce as incentives for Amazon to consider a Massachusetts location.

Considering the potential job growth that Amazon could bring, Senate President Stan Rosenberg and other legislators are pushing for improved state-wide transportation, potentially including the addition of a high-speed railway from Worcester to Boston. Overall, state officials, including Governor Baker and Mayor Walsh have fully supported the bid and are optimistic of the positive economic growth which a Massachusetts-based Amazon headquarters could bring.

Amazon has not decided the exact date for announcing the location of their second headquarters but note that it will take place in 2018.

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