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Posted by The Brennan Group on Aug 1, 2017 2:09:34 PM
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Massachusetts Alcohol Regulations
By The Brennan Group

For business owners looking to add alcoholic beverages to their menus, it can be a long and complicated process. However, with the matter of marijuana legalization taking center stage, lawmakers assert the way in which alcohol is being regulated just may be due for an overhaul. Massachusetts alcohol and liquor regulations will be a debated topic for the foreseeable future. We here at The Brennan Group (Brennan Group) are experts in navigating these types of legislative and regulatory issues.

A Step Towards Simplicity

Although many business owners seem less than enthused by the idea of having to learn and adhere to a new set of standards, lawmakers maintain that the present "booze rules" are antiquated and confusing. By revamping the present regulations, it is believed that the process will become simpler and more automated.

Details You Need to Know

Using a series of public hearings, the treasurer's Alcohol Task Force (consisting of seven community figures) has just began meeting with a public as a means of gauging the concerns of the community while revamping this process. For many, the most unnerving part of this process lies in the fact that, given the antiquated origins of these laws, nothing is off limits with regards to potential changes to these laws. However, they have already stated that they are interested in focusing on things such as extending hours for packaging companies, lifting liquor license caps, loosening restrictions on consumers, changing the nature of the relationship between brewers and their distributors, and much more. But at the moment no one knows what actual changes lie ahead.

Other Information

Business owners pursuing an alcoholic beverage license should understand that things may continue to stay complicated until it is complete and beyond. It is also possible that nothing changes. For instance, there has been a fierce political debate over the relationship of brewers and their distributors as the present statute basically forces brewers to keep the same distributor indefinitely. Therefore, the revamping of these laws will not only change the way business is done but it also will affect the income streams of a vast array of business’s. There could also be issues surrounding alcohol delivery which could be impacted as part of these new regulations. There are endless amounts of changes that could occur.

Overall this is an extremely complex issue from all sides. Please reach out to us here for a complimentary Consultation. Hopefully, this short guide will help prepare you for the next steps in your process.   CONTACT US NOW!

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